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The Importance of an Award Winning McKinney Preschool

Many childhood experts agree that quality preschool programs help young children get ready for the academic years ahead of them. Below are several reasons why preschool programs are important. How important is preschool really? According to the document, A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America, published by the United States Department of Education, there is evidence to show that the early years are critical in the learning and development of children and that quality preschool programs are beneficial to this age group. The paper indicates that children who attend high-quality preschools have better cognitive, social-emotional, and health development than children Read more
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Award Winning Preschool Shares 9 Tips to Encourage Children’s Writing

Through their full-day, award-winning preschool program, Heritage Learning Center has the opportunity to influence the cognitive and social developments of bright students in the McKinney area. While most classes target early developmental literacy and phonics skills, the teachers and staff at HLC want to share our favorite methods with you regarding how to help your children write successfully for years to come. Below are the nine tips we found the most helpful and productive. Start the Discussion at Home. Writing well comes from speaking well. When you go places with your child, spark up a conversation afterward. Asking your child what Read more
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Award Winning McKinney Preschool: 4 Advantages of Attending Preschool

Opponents of preschools often say that children are too young to be immersed into a highly stimulated educational environment and that the child needs more time for familiar interaction. While the children who attend preschool can be as young as 18 months old, the experience gained from preschool is worth the consideration. The Heritage Learning Center, a preschool in McKinney, Texas, is an award-winning McKinney preschool that knows what makes a child excel. This decorated preschool considers these necessary development processes involved in a successful preschool adventure. Curiosity and the Taste for Knowledge As your child grows in an educational Read more
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Be Sure to Choose an Awarding Winning Preschool in McKinney

The preschool years is an important part of your child’s development. This time during your child’s life can be a beautiful one full of new beginnings. This is why you should choose a preschool that has won many awards. A school that wins consistent awards year after year is one that stands the test of time and would be perfect for your family. Heritage Learning Center is one such school that has repeatedly won the “Best of” award from McKinney Magazine. They have also won readers’ choice awards from Star Local Media. These are just a couple awards that prove Read more