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Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Early Childhood Education

 Your child’s mind is a sponge when it comes to early education. Having a safe and healthy learning environment is crucial. What can you do to promote a positive environment for your child to learn and grow? Declutter. The less of a mess you have, the more your child can focus on learning instead of distractions. Keep it healthy. Remove any dangers or hazards, such as sharp objects or possible allergens. Make it comfy. Keep the temperature comfortable and allow for positive decorations. Be real. Provide support and discipline when necessary to give your child safe boundaries. Include them. Read more
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5 Steps To Take When You’re Deciding Among Daycares In McKinney, TX

As a working parent, the hardest decision you have to make is choosing from among the many daycares available in McKinney, TX.  What sets a good daycare apart?  What makes it the best fit for your child?  Is there a state or national agency that has information about daycares that can help?  Your child is the most important thing in the world to you and placing him or her in the care of others is not something you can take lightly, so follow these 5 steps to ensure that you choose wisely for both you and your child: Start Your Read more