Early Childhood Education Classes in McKinney TxAre you looking for more creative ways of teaching your Preschooler their ABCs through early childhood education? These five fun and creative tips will have your little one learning them in no time.

  1. Read more – The more you read to your child the more opportunities you have to point out letters and sounds.
  2. Letter Puzzles & Flashcards – Not only do they get to say the letter but they also get to see the shape which helps with recognition.
  3. Learn letters during daily activities – Discuss what letters items around you begin with
  4. Teach them the letters of their name – Learning to recognize the letters in their name, makes learning other letters a lot easier to accomplish
  5. Practice, practice, practice – Your child may recognize some letters quickly, but struggle with others. It won’t happen instantly but it gets easier with time

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