Award Winning Childcare McKinneyIf you are a parent who wants the best for your child, you should make sure they get an early education with award-winning childcare. While you may already understand the benefits of preschool for preparing your child for further education, early education also benefits your child’s independence and social skills. Here are a few surprising benefits of early education for your child.

Improved Language

Enrolling your child in preschool will improve their language skills. Although surprising for most parents to learn, a child’s vocabulary will increase from 300 at the age of 3 to 1,500 at the age of 4. By the time your child turns 5, they will know 2,500 words.

This increase in vocabulary will help your child communicate their needs and wants while also having the language skills needed to learn.

Improved Curiosity

Children learn by experimenting and asking questions, but parents and teachers must both allow them to be curious. Fortunately, award-winning childcare allows students to be curious during lessons.

Teachers will encourage your child to ask questions during actual lessons. However, your child will learn new things in unique ways, since teachers will turn any and all small opportunities into an extraordinary lesson. For example, if a student sees a beetle crawling across the playground during their ordinary time outside, the teacher will invite the class over to discuss different facts while watching the small bug.

Utilizing your child’s own curiosity is an excellent way to nurture preschool learning in a fun, exciting manner.

Improved Independence

There is a great deal of supervision when your child gets to elementary school. However, they will need to learn how to be somewhat independent in preschool before heading to elementary school.

When you enroll your child in early educational programs, they will learn how to be social, help others, and do things for themselves. The preschool teacher will most likely allow your child to help out in class, giving them a sense of pride and independence.

Once a routine is set inside the classroom, your child will learn how to wash their hands, use the bathroom, and clean up their table and play areas without constant management.

This improved independence will make the progression into kindergarten less stressful.

Your child will learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in preschool, but they will also learn important skills that may be surprising. To learn more about the surprising benefits of award winning childcare in the McKinney area can benefit your young child, contact the Heritage Learning Center at (972) 782-4464.

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