Award Winning Childcare McKinneyKids love to be active, so encouraging physical activity at a young age can only help them grow! What happens, though, when you need to send your child to a daycare service? The award-winning childcare in McKinney at Heritage Learning Center knows that keeping your child active and moving will help them grow and reach their potential. Not only will they master basic physical skills but they will become comfortable with their own bodies. Included in the curriculum of the best daycares are activities that will help your child grow mentally and physically. There are two physical aspects to look for when finding a childcare service:

  1. Tracking skills. Teaching movement and tracking allows children to determine shapes, speeds, textures, colors, and placement. Activities like blowing bubbles can show children how to stretch and reach to touch the bubbles they blew, as well as seeing how they move in the air! Popping the bubbles with elbows, knees, feet, and fingers can promote physical awareness within your child. An award-winning daycare doesn’t only promote physical awareness, but reflexes too! Playing with flashlights can teach speed and reflexes in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Having a child reach for a flashlight beam as it moves can help to connect time and movement. Switching up and letting the children hold the flashlight can help them to understand how movement works too!
  2. Balancing skills. Teaching a child balance is one of the most important aspects of physical capability in toddlers.  Award-winning childcare facilities will offer fun and encouraging balancing activities like balance beams. Whether the beam is on the floor, slightly raised, or just a line on a carpet, having a line to follow will help your child determine spatial patterns. Before you know it, they will be able to move freely and fluidly within a small area. Another great balancing game involves balancing bean bags on parts of your body. The more bean bags you can stack, the better! This will teach children how their movement affects their balance and how their placement of objects can create a ripple effect.

Your child deserves the opportunity to grow mentally and physically, even when they attend a daycare service. When the time comes to find the right place for your child, you can discover award-winning childcare right in McKinney. Let the Heritage Learning Center foster your child’s ability to grow confidently with their fantastic educational programs. For more information, give Heritage Learning Center a call at (972) 782-4464 or visit their website at

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