Kids become interested in sports at all ages. When they start bringing it up, it can be hard as a parent to help them choose. It can be especially difficult if you played sports yourself because you might be inclined to help your child choose the sports you were a part of. That’s why Heritage Learning Center is here to help you choose a sport for your child when they start expressing interest. 

Energy Levels

Your child might be interested in sports, but not a specific one. That’s when you come in! Examining your child’s energy levels can help you determine what sports he or she could be good at. If you have a hyperactive child that’s constantly running around, never losing energy, then you might consider asking them about high activity sports like soccer or football. If they don’t always have the most energy, then you can bring up low-demanding sports like golf or swimming. 

Consider Physical Traits

Children with different physiques might be better at different sports. For example, taller, broader children might make better football players while shorter or smaller children could make better runners. You can consider these traits about your child and maybe discuss them with them, but never let their physical characteristics limit their passions.

Look at the Coaches

A coach can make or break a child’s love or passion for the game, so you should meet and talk with the coaches of whatever sport your child is looking into. Some things to consider about the coaches are their methods of encouragement, methods of teaching, knowledge of the sport, and how dedicated they are to the kids. 

Individual or Group Sports

Does your child perform better in individual or group settings? Are they team players or do they prefer to work alone? Characteristics like these can be helpful in choosing a sport for your child. You want them to succeed, so consider these things and discuss them with your child. Set them up for success in the sport they choose.

Whether your child wants to be a football player, a hockey player, a gymnast, or a tennis player, you can support them as they discover new things about others and themselves in their sport. We hope this guide has been helpful as you help your child choose the right sport for them. If you’re ever looking for after-school programs, contact Heritage Learning Center for more information! We’d love for you to visit, speak with one of our directors, and answer any questions you may have about us or any topic we’ve written on. Call us today!

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