Preschool McKinneyWe always want our kids to be the best they can be. What can we do at home that teachers may notice in the classroom?

    1. Expect more. Let children take responsibility for their actions.
    2. Foster independence. You may do it faster, but it is crucial for them to do it themselves.
    3. Give structured choices. Let your children make their own decisions based on options.
    4. Help them right wrongs. If they did something wrong, have them help fix it.
    5. Praise good behavior. Praise will help hone triggers for positive actions.
    6. Assign them a chore. Chores will give the children one “big” task to control.
    7. Develop a routine. A routine will align themselves with daily structure.
    8. Play music. Doing chores or getting ready to songs will keep everyone upbeat.
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