Sometimes, it’s just too hot to go outside in the summer! So here are some indoor activities for toddlers you can put together quickly to occupy your kids on those hot summer days!

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are a great way to keep kids occupied inside, and they help stimulate kids’ brains too! Here are a few ideas of what to do. 

  • Homemade sand with figurines – Blended-up graham crackers are a straightforward way to make homemade sand, and it’s safe for your child to eat. Throw some dinosaurs or dolls in a bucket with the sand or even small sand toys. 
  • Shaving cream and toys – There’s no doubt shaving cream is fun to play with for children of all ages. It’s a great sensory play activity that your toddler can search for toys in!
  • Jello – Homemade jello is easy to make and fun to play with for toddlers! And it’s safe to eat. 

Balloon Games

Balloons are a cheap toy that comes with a variety of games to play. You can make up your own or use the ideas below!

  • Don’t let the balloon touch the ground. Your toddler will get rid of a lot of their energy with this game! Challenge your toddler to keep hitting a balloon upward to keep it from hitting the ground. 
  • Balance the balloon. This is an easy and fun game for your kids. They can try to keep a balloon on the back of their hand without it falling. 
  • Blow the balloon. You can set up a course in your home and challenge your toddler to blow the balloon through the system! 


Another way to keep your child occupied during those hot summer days is with extracurricular activities! Contact us today to learn more about what your child can be a part of during their summer break!

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