hyperactive child preschool in mckinney txChildren are often naturally energetic, excited, and curious to discover the world around them. Given their age and fresh perspective on life, it’s easy to understand how children sometimes can’t stop moving. As a parent, it’s imperative to provide the time and place for children to channel their enthusiastic energy and excitement. Pro-action on your part will make your child happier and will save you endless frustration. Here we look at some basic concepts and activities to keep in mind if you have a hyper child that we employ at Heritage Learning Center, a trusted preschool in McKinney, TX.

Why Is My Kid So Active?

In most cases, overly hyper or active children struggle to understand the boundaries of when and how to actively slow down, sit still, and relax. Often unintentionally, they fidget, talk, run, or act out after continual attempts to settle.

Generally, children exhibit hyperactive behavior, because they haven’t yet developed the discipline and understanding required to productively manage it. Contrary to what some parents or peers may assume, hyperactivity in children is not a parenting or discipline issue. For the most part, hyperactive behavior comes from a mix of physical surroundings and your child’s natural temperament.

How Can I Channel Their Energy and Help Them Focus?

If your child’s hyperactivity is posing an intense challenge, the following tips will undoubtedly help manage and channel it. Eventually, as your child matures, he or she will begin to see the benefits of applying these calming practices in their life.

Let Them Fidget A Little:
Letting your little ones get their fidgets out isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let your child hold a stress ball or toy that can quietly keep them occupied and engaged. Even small amounts of discrete physical movement can help them stay on task.

Work with Teachers or Mentors:
Talk with the individuals who spend the most time with your children. Whatever solutions or practices you plan on initiating, be sure that your child receives the same feedback and treatment in every regard of their life. This will help to avoid confusion in the process of developing healthy discipline patterns and rules. And, if your child’s daycare, preschool or grade school is not willing to work with you, consider finding an alternative for your child. Environment is so important.

Heritage Learning Center in McKinney, TX, prides itself on providing a safe and positive environment for children of any energy level. Our teachers have years of experience in working with parents and helping over-active little ones harness their energy without disturbing the class or losing out on their own education.

Get Out:
The more your children get outside and play, the more energy they will exert. Outdoor play, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep are important parts of a child’s routine. Not to mention, playing outdoors increases the production of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters, which are essential in helping kids focus their attention and control their impulses. Allowing your child to participate in forms of physical activity before they need to focus, like walking to school or playing at the park before church, can be extremely beneficial.

Be Patient:
Remember that high energy levels are normal. In most cases, the passage of time will increase your child’s maturity and understanding of how to channel their excess energy.

For more information on early childhood development, educational programs, or high-quality childcare, contact Heritage Learning Center in McKinney, TX today!

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