Teaching your children something as important as the alphabet can seem like a daunting task. Many parents are concerned they might do something wrong, so they can be more inclined to leave this task solely to their teachers. However, teaching or reinforcing what your child has learned in school about the alphabet is extremely important! The alphabet is the basis of literacy, so continuous practice is important. Here are a few fun ways that McKinney, TX parents can help their children practice at home from the experts at Heritage Learning Center!

Practicing the Alphabet at Home

  • Edible Letters – Making letters out of food is a fun way to get your child interested in learning during meal or snack times.
  • Reading with your children – This is ALWAYS important, but when they are learning their alphabet, it is even more important. It allows children to hear how letters sound and see what the letters look like together as words.
  • Art – Art is probably the best way that children can visual letters themselves. They can practice writing the letters with finger paint or sidewalk chalk.
  • Physical Activities – Scavenger hunts, and doing exercises in conjunction with the alphabet are great ways to increase recognition!
  • Technology – There are many applications such as Starfall that make it fun and easy for children to practice outside of school.

Hopefully, this has helped you see that there are fun and easy ways that you can help your child! For more information on early childhood education please give us a call. The award-winning Heritage Learning Center is located in McKinney, TX. Please contact us!

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